Friends, first of all, know about an important thing about snakes! That’s 550 type of snakes in our country! Like a cobra, is viper, karit! There are 550 such species of snakes! Of these, there are 10 snakes that are poisonous, only 10! Everything else is non poisonous! It means that 540 snakes are such that you will not have anything to bite !! Do not worry at all !

But the fear of snake bite is so high and that many times people die from heart attack! Do not die of poison, cardiac arrest dies! So much fear in the mind ! Then this fear should go !

How will it be scared ????

When you know that there are 550 types of snakes, only 10 snakes are poisonous of them! Someone whose bite dies! The name of the most poisonous snake is one of them!

Russell viper! After that karit is the viper and one is the cobra! King cobra whom you call black naag !! These 4 are very dangerous and poisonous. If any of them have bitten, then 99% of the chances that death will happen!

But if you show a little cleverness then you can save the patient

What is cleverness ???

You must have noticed that whenever the snake bites, it has two teeth in it which is poison that enters inside the body mass! And in the blood, he leaves his poison! Then this poison goes upwards! Suppose snake bite on hand, then the poison will go towards the heart and then the whole body will reach! If you cut it on the leg then you will go up to the heart and then you will reach the whole body! Wherever you cut, it will go to the heart ! And in whole blood it will take 3 hours to reach the entire body.
It means that the patient will not die for 3 hours! When one part of the whole brain gets poisoned everywhere else, then its death will not be otherwise! So the time of 3 hours is to save the patient and in that three hours if you do something then it is very good!

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What can be done ?? ???

A medicine you can always keep in your home is very affordable, it comes in homeopathy! His name is NAJA (N A J A)! Homeopathy is the medicine you will get in any homeopathy shop! And its potency is 200! You go to the shop and say NAJA 200! then the shopkeeper will give you ! You will buy this 5 millilitres in the house and save lives of 100 people will be saved! And its price is only 50 rupees! Its bottle also comes with 150 mg of 150 to 200 rupees, you can save at least 10000 people’s lives, which are snakes!

And this is the medicine that NAJA is the poison of the world’s most dangerous snake, which is called Crack! This snake’s poison is considered the worst in the world! It is said about it that if someone bites it, then only God can save it! The medicine also does not work there, this is the poison but in the delusion form there is nothing to panic! The principle of Ayurveda, you know, iron bites iron, so when the poison goes away inside the body, then the poison of another snake comes in handy!

Put 1 drop on his tongue and after 10 minutes, then keep 1 drop and then 10 minutes after 1 drop! Put it aside 3 times! That’s enough!

And that this medicine will always save the patient’s life forever! And the injection of the snake bite alopecia can not be found in common cramps! The doctor will tell you to take this transplant, take him in etc. Etc. !!

And those who have injection with allopathy have a price of 10 to 15 thousand rupees! And if found, the doctor knocks 8 to -10 injection simultaneously! Sometimes it gives a knockout of 15 lakhs which means you can clean your once! And here you can save his life with only 10 rupees of medicine.

And as effective as the injection, I guarantee this drug (NAJA), this drug is 100 times more effective than allopathy’s injection!

So remember the end, snake someone in the house and if the medicine (NAJA) is not in the house! Immediately taking injection from somewhere to the first aid, you start the remedy with injection! And if there is medicine then give the medicine first and immediately treat it with injection!

Medicine’s more use full then injection.
So you always remember this information, do not know when it may come to work, come to work in your own life! Or the work of a neighbour or a relative comes to work! So, the needle cutting tool for first aid and this NAJA 200 homeopathy drug! 10 – 10 minutes later 1 – 1 drop three times

Can save the life of the patient !!

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