Know about the Indian Empress showing Akbar’s Acclaim

Women in India have often been known more in two ways. There is a mother in which the woman is full of compassion. The second is the power, a divine form, in which the feminine power is shown while slaughtering the wicked.

There will be many such stories in India, where the woman has destroyed the wicked like Durga Avatar. We are going to bring you such a story today in front of you.

This story belongs to the queen of Gondwana, whose name was Rani Durgavati. After the death of her husband, she successfully took over the charge of her state for many years.

Rani Durgavati is known as a great queen of Indian history.It is said that Akbar liked Rani Durgavati. Once upon a time, his decision was wrong and he sent an offer to get the queen. But the queen turned down the proposal. This thing did not come to Akbar. That is why Akbar attacked the kingdom of Rani Durgavati. It has been written in history as well. But where Rani Durgavati was so easily defeated. Like the name of his mother Durga, he had the courage too.

Let’s know what happened when Akbar invaded :

thar-thar dushman kaampe,
pag-pag bhaage atyaachaar,
naramundon kee jhadee lagaee,
laashen bichhaee kaee hajaar,
Jab vipada ghir aay chahunor,
seene mein khanjar liya utaar

Some lines of this verse express the valor of the Queen and her courage. History says that at that time Akbar’s eyes were on the queen. Some of the Queen’s enemies had stood in front of the queen and in the same battle, and these enemies had even paid Akbar’s ears. This dispute begins when Akbar seeks the white elephant from the queen looking for the pretext of war, but she rejects the demand of the queen Akbar because of the Queen’s beloved elephant.

By making this an excuse, Akbar attacks the Queen’s kingdom under the leadership of Asif Khan. Akbar’s army kneels down the queen’s army. It was for the first time that Akbar’s army had given up, Akbar prepared the army twice before and again attacked the Queen’s kingdom. At that time the queen did not have more soldiers. He made a front against Jabalpur and led his army himself.

More than 3000 Akbar’s soldiers were killed in battle with the Queen, and the queen also suffered immense damage. On the next day, on June 24, 1564, the Mughals attacked again. The queen’s army was full of tiredness earlier than that day, but they had decided that we will accept the death but we will not succumb to Akbar’s army. Playing the religion of a mother, the queen sent her son Narayana to a safer place. In the war, the queen becomes injured by the arrow. When the queen starts to feel that her final time has approached, she urges her wazir Adhar Singh to cut her neck. But Adhar Singh does not believe in this and says, “how can I kill my queen?” So the queen gives her self-sacrifice by throwing her stomach and boasting in her chest.

Rani ruled for 15 years in her state. After the death of the queen, this state also became a house of discord and sorrows like other states.

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