Mahabharata attracts me very much since childhood. Every character of the Mahabharata has a special feature in it. But with age, I began to understand many characters and incidents in the Mahabharata today. I do not think that many things are unethical. Then we accepted this by explaining the different rules of every incident and the measure of social norms. Sometimes when a person of another religion makes fun of us about these things, we are often silent because we too Believe it wrong and accept your dedication somewhere.

But the name of each character of the Mahabharata only tells its story itself, then I am eager to understand it This is the birth of Dhrishastra, Pandu and Vidur. It is believed that these brothers were born by Tapabal of Vedavis Ji, son of Satyavati and Parashar Rishi. Many people also take it in the wrong sense. You know that Bhishma (Devvart), son of Maharaj Shantanu and Ganga, had tried to follow the life of Brahmacharya. Satyavati received two children named Chitrangad and Chitrangra (Vyvavyvarya) from Shantanu and after the Veergati of Chitrangad, the image of the charioteer, ie the strange queen became King of Hastinapur and the Kuru dynasty could only proceed through it; Ambika and Ambalika had two queens and they received the children and the name  of the children was Dhritarashtra and Pandu.

It is now believed that after the death of bizarre reality, when Bhishma refused to cooperate with Ambika and Ambalika, then Ambika and Ambalika got pregnant after Vedavyas Ji performed by meditation or vision. But before coming to this topic, it would be necessary to know that we understand that how the name was exaggerated? Was this name or any title or dispute? We have never laboured to look at these things! What is the point of thinking that what is the meaning of “strange-semen”?


Bizarre + semen, weird meaning that is special, speciality, or wonderful and semen means fraction, seed or sperm, which increases the santra! This means that the Chakravarty Emperor Chitra Chariot was rich in quaint semen! Since the grandfather Bhishma had promised to protect the throne of the Kuru dynasty and the throne of Hastinapur, and when Maharaj Chitrangad had received Veergati at the hands of Gandharva of his own name, Rajmata Satyavati told Bhishma that if ever the smallest son painting chariot With such a similar accident, there will be no meaning for the pledge taken by you, so the son should take any measures because you are absolutely certain Interpretation can be removed! Then Father Mahish Bhasam went to his friend Maharn Kshatriya Rishi, Shri Manan Narayan, who came from the voice, Krishan Bipayan, Lord Apnatarma, which is known today as Ved Vyas, keep in mind that Krishan Bikhan Ji Was a very great scientist.

His grandfather Bhishma shared his problem with his friend and Lord Aparthtama (Ved-Vyas Ji) kept the sperm of the chariot in his observatory safely and told Bhishma Pitamah that your Anuj has become quivering from today. Now in its absence, there is no problem in the origin of its offspring, it was knowledgeable of the then artificial insemination.  After this Maharaj Chitra-chariot became famous only by the name of the weird semen. It is clear that artificial insemination was born from Dhritarashtra, Pandu and Vidur. After this, when Rajmata Satyavati told the emperor quaint-semen that both the queen was pregnant.

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